Summer 2018 - Edinburg, capital of Scotland

Tony and Joe are two longtime friends. Inseparable despite their constant disagreements, each wanted to tell the genesis of Cojones:

“As soon as we arrived in Edinburg, we settled in a local pub, a beer in hand! Bagpipes on the walls, everyone was in kilts, the night was off to a good start!

After some time (and a few pints), the program of the next day was broached: Joe wanted to hike around the lake, while I would rather go visit the local distillery.

As the debate was heating up, heads turned to us.

That’s when the barkeep came up to our table. Putting his hand in his pocket, he told us how he solved problems of the sort and pulled out six wooden dice with strange symbols. I’ll always remember what he told us: “In my pub, it’s always the one who has the longest who’s right!”

He explained to us that each time there was a disagreement between two people in his pub, these would be forced to solve it by playing dice.

That’s how we had our first game of King Size and how Cojones was born!”

Tony ThunderQ

“I like hiking, wandering in nature, observing the fauna and flora. That’s why Tony and I left for Scotland on vacation.

After many days in nature, Tony wouldn’t stop complaining, claiming to want to return to civilization. That’s when a kilt-wearing shepherd and his flock of sheep appeared. Hearing Tony’s complaints, he started a conversation to ask us what had gotten into my companion.

After having listened to Tony explain the whole story to him, the shepherd, with a large smile, slipped his hand in his pocket and pulled six wooden dice with strange symbols out of it.

He told us about an old sheep herding tradition: “To spend time, we, shepherds, really like to play the comparison game: the biggest flock, the nicest sheep, the softest wool, … And to split ties, we compare our… Well, you know what I mean! And to avoid having me win all the time, the others really like to do it with dice, go figure why!” he said while showing us the dice.

That’s how we had our first game of King Size and that Cojones was born!”

Anaconda Joe

All you should remember, is that during a trip to Scotland, a kilt-wearing local (Innkeeper or shepherd) pulled out six wooden dice and made them play King Size to resolve their argument.

From that day on, Tony and Joe always have 6 wooden dice with strange symbols in their pocket and spread joy thanks to King Size !


The kilt, there’s the typical element at Cojones!


Founded in 2018 by Tony ThunderQ & Anaconda Joe, this Belgian startup doesn’t take itself seriously!

At Cojones, we want to, first and foremost, put forward games with fun mechanics which will allow you to have good times with your friends.


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